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Is my motorcycle covered for loss or damage during transport?

Your motorcycle is covered on our liability for loss or damage during transit. Our vehicle is covered up to GBP 50,000 per motorbike.

Can you transport more motorbikes at a time?

Yes, we can transport up to 3 motorbikes at a time due to bike safety reasons.

Do I have to be there when the motorcycle is collected/delivered?

Our driver can load and unload by himself however we require that someone is there for a signature to the paperwork.

Will my bike be in a van or exposed to the elements on a pickup?

Your motorbike will be transported in a fully equipped van, no open motorbike trailers.

Do you offer same day deliver?

Yes, we offer same day, next day deliveries and also 1-3 days express delivery and 7-10 days standard delivery.

Will my motorcycle be delivered the same day as the collection?

Yes, it will be collected and delivered on the same day.

Can I select what day and time the bike is delivered?

Yes, where possible we try to accommodate all requests.

Could you also bring along some spares with the bike?

Yes. We don't charge any extra for a few small accessories, e.g. helmets, covers, etc. but we only carry motorbike accessories, no household items.

How do I pay?

Preferable method of payment is bank transfer however other options are also available.

Do you inspect the motorbike?

We will visually check the motorbike and take photographs upon collection. We make sure that the bike is as you described to us (make, model, colour) and compare the registration number to the V5 – if available to us.  

For a no obligation quotation or to answer any questions call us on 07442 903071 or email

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